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Summary information

Foundation and development

The Socialist Party of Macedonia is founded on September, 22, 1990. The Party bases its visions on the continuous socialist tradition in Macedonia stemming in the end of the last century and on the European left.

The first Congress of the Party was held in June 1991 and it adopted the Political Program and the Statute of the Party.

The Party took part in the first pluralist parliamentary elections in 1990, when it had 6 representatives in the Parliament.

Basic Program Aims

By its Program orientation, the Socialist Party of Macedonia is a left democratic socialist Party and it basically stands for the principles of the Socialist international.

The Party is firmly determined for democratic socialism and it shares the visions of the European left and socialist parties for a humanistic and rich society with developed democracy, based on political and economical freedom and social justice.

The basic Program aims of the Party are:

– enlarging human rights and freedoms and their protection;

– national equality and togetherness; religion tolerance;

– democratic and efficient government, based on the separation of power, control on the government and legal state.

– development of the local self-government;

– free and independent press;

– strengthening the independent Republic of Macedonia as and equal economical, political and social subject on the Balkans, in Europe and in the world;

– development of international cooperation to the aims of peace, cooperation and mutual respect of all the peoples and countries;

– free circulation of commodities, capital, people and knowledge in the Balkans, Europe and in the world;

– respecting the rights of minorities;

– full integration of the country in European integration processes;

– market economy, based on economic pluralism and competition;

– transformation of the property to privatization and intensive economic transition, oriented to development

– new development strategy of the Republic of Macedonia, based on its comparative economical advantages, aiming to new opportunities for employment;

– modern and prosperous agriculture;

– developed social policy, guaranteeing social and economic security of all citizens;

– modern and efficient education;

– free and prosperous culture;

– environmental protection.

Basic Statutory Provisions, Organization, Leadership

The supreme organ of the Party is the Congress, which convenes every four years. Between two congresses the supreme organ of the Party is the Republic board.

Every citizen, who accepts the Program and the Statute of the Party can become its member.

The mandate of the organs of the Party is four years.

The organs of the Party take decisions by majority of the present members, the quorum presenting the majority of the members.

The Party has its organization in all communities in the Republic of Macedonia.

The youth organization of the Party is “Young socialists”.

The women organization of the Party is “Forum of women”.

International Cooperation

The Party is open to exchange of ideas and cooperation with all the parties and political movements striving for democracy, peace and prosperity on the principle of mutual respect.

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